Jack's Homepage

Current Projects


My graphic design & art portfolio. Contains a variety of visual works, plus commission information.

Jack's Favorite Albums

A website about my favorite music releases of each year since 2020, plus a rolling all-time hall of fame.

Print Shop

My INPRNT store, for buying high-quality prints of selected visual work.


My Teepublic store, where I sometimes upload dumb shirt designs (usually by request).


Storefront for other handmade items (updated rarely).


My YouTube channel of goofy videos mostly about snacks.

DJ Sets

Mixes I've put together over the years for CARIFest.


A project documenting traffic cones in the wild. Accepts photo submissions.


A collection of links and resources I find interesting, creatively inspiring or cool.



The Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute is dedicated to the postmodern analysis of trends in graphic design.

Legacy / Misc.

Neurosynthesis Archive

(2020) A collection of artifacts related to the CWC-1000, a forgotten comsumer-level brain-interface home computer peripheral.


(2017–2021) An old worldbuilding project exploring the graphics and visual artifacts of a future colonized solar system.

Jackintosh Plus

(2017–2020) An alias under which I occasionally made silly vaporwave and synth music.

School Lunch Reviews

(2015–2016) A blog about cafeteria food. Briefly run by a friend following my graduation in May 2016.

Purple Toilet

(2022) Does what it says.

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